Sunday, July 29, 2012

Steady My Heart

kids have been something i take joy in....
Children are such a blessing in life.
I can't wait to have kids.
I just love kids...
except one..
He's the kid I babysit on a daily (almost) basis..
he's SO hard to love.
He never does what I say, He is loud
and overall terrible!I have never truly not liked babysitting, but seriously
this kid....
but i just have tried praying about it and asking God to give me a loving heart,
and that he would help me to learn how to show this kid love
they don't have the best mom...
they live in a trashed house
and so it's probably somewhat not his fault
so I have just asked God to give me a patient heart, and for Him to show me
how to love and that He
would steady my heart.
Its hard, but it's gotten easier.
and after thinking about what I want my family to be like,
when is a better time to start practicing than now?!?
God has just overfilled me with this patience and love
I can't explain it

Sometimes I just can't love certain people
I don't talk to the "bad kids"
I don't even ackowledge their presence,
and lately I have learned what kind of person God CALLS me to be to them
i need to show them His love and His word and everything He is!
I can't explain it, i just have felt this overwhelming feeling
that I need to make disciples, followers, believers
I can't do this on my own.
I need Jesus.
I need His help.
His discernemnt
His guidance.
I can't let all these unbelievers keep living on life like they are....
where will that get them?
My goal this to have a "hit list"
a list of people I will pray for daily, and talk to daily
to lead them to Jesus...
the only one who loved them enough to die for their terrible sins.
What if I have a list of say 5 people,
and if I can at least get one person to believe in God's word....
that would be such a BIG blessing.
As i write on this blog I will post about the people...
the prayers...
the progress...
the PPP report!
i will keep you updated and ask you to keep my hit list people in your prayers as well.
This year is going to be FILLED with new things, and amazing
God things!
i can't wait!


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