Invisible Children

Kony 2012.
It's been Facebooked, tweeted, pinned, instagrammed, tumblred, texted, pictured, on the news...EVERYWHERE.
It is VIRAL!
Joseph Kony is the worlds worst war criminal
In 1987 he took over leadership of an exiting rebel group renamed it the Lorda
The LRA has earned a reputation for its cruel and brutal tactics. When Joseph Kony found himself running out of fighters, he started abducting
to be soliders
in his army or for his officers.
The LRA is encouraged to rape, mutilate and kill civilians often with blunt weapons.
The LRA is no longer actie in northern Uganda, where it originated, but it continue its campaign
of violence in Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, and South Sudan.
In its 26-year history, the LRA has abducted more than
36,000 children
and displaced at least 2.1 million people

What is the goal of Kony 2012
Invisible Children has been working for 9 years to end Africa's longest-running armed
Us military advisers are currently deployed in Central Africa on a limited mission to stop kony, and disarm the LRA.
If Kony is captured this year, the window will be gone.

So, I am starting a club at my school to raise awareness about what is happening in all these terrible places. I am working on partnering with Invisible Children to help raise money for this.
i'm hoping to make a difference.
it's my turn to step up and start the change.
but that's not the only point in my club.
my other point is prayer.
sometimes we cant raise money all the time, sometimes
all they need is prayer.
and this will turn into a bible study/ prayer group/ awarness program/ help program
and i'm hoping to reach out to people who need God. who need us.
please pray for my mission as i try my hardest to make this happen.
my blog. my mission.
God's blog. God's mission.
invisible children.
Kony 2012.
please tell people about this.
help to raise awareness.
put my blog title wherever you can!
hashtag Kony 2012 in your tweets, and facebooks and all other things where you can hashtag
then hastag my blog
and see what a change we can make!

Kony 2012.
invisible Children.
lets fight this together.

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